Creative Branding & Logo Design

We’ll help you to define what your brand is, and develop creative and innovative
ideas around how this can be visualised and advise where in the market your
brand should be positioned.

Our Method

Understanding your products, customers and markets helps us to develop an
appropriate, creative approach to delivering a brand that doesn’t just help you
stand out from the crowd or get customers to choose you over the competition,
but helps to position you as the only one that provides a solution to
their individual problem.


Skye based Gaelic record label Macmeanmna has been at the forefront
of producing and supporting Gaelic music for over 20 years.

Pelican have worked alongside Macmeanmna since the early days, from
designing the corporate identity and producing artwork for over 20 CDs
to exhibition and promotional materials. We have also built an online music
shop similar to iTunes,

Northlands Creative

North Lands Creative is a world reknowned glass art studio and workshop.
Promoting and teaching how to use glass as an art form.

A total brand refresh for North Lands in 2016 included a multitude of new
promotional and marketing tools in addition to the new logo. From printed
marketing materials including a brochure and new programme to their new
website with a members area and facility for events booking, an online store
is also to be added in the near future.